Traffic Management London Ltd is a dynamic company that can provide solutions to all traffic management requirements, and, the management of construction logistics.

We are a very experienced company, with 20 years of Highways and Traffic Engineering. Our aim, working in partnership with TGTM LTD is to use our technical expertise and experience, to provide you with solutions to meet your needs. We provide a service that is reliable, prompt and efficient. We understand the delicate balance of delivering your project, against the need to minimise any potential impacts on the local area and road network.

We have a vast portfolio of project experience, working in areas such as – Utility Works, Highway Works, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Single Private Dwellings, Events, Structures and many more. We have literally ‘seen it all’ which is why we can provide you with a service to meet all of your demands.

Our client list is extensive and includes all London Boroughs, City of London, and Transport for London. We have worked with every major utility company to provide traffic management designs for their numerous works throughout London. We also work with developers and Architects to provide technical reports such as Construction Traffic Management Plans, Construction Logistics Plans, and Construction Management Plans, to support your planning applications. We have a 98% success rate, for ‘first time’ submission planning approval on documents and reports we provide you with.

We have an excellent reputation and client feedback. We are often commended by the local communities for our excellent communication and ongoing engagement. Similarly, we have established and maintained very good relationships with local authorities and planning departments.

For further information on how we can help you with traffic management drawings, vehicle swept path analysis, technical reports and impact assessments for your schemes, please contact us by phone or email.


We provide drawings and traffic management to suit virtually any requirement, whether it is a simple lane closure, a three-way traffic layout or a fully comprehensive traffic management operation. Our aim, working in partnership with TGTM LTD is to provide a solution that minimises disruption as far as possible for road users, whilst taking into account the safety of pedestrians and site staff.


Our most prestigious service, creating TMP's for real-life situations.


We actively create CTMP / CMP / CLP's for our clients on a regular basis.


Installation, Maintenance and Removal of Traffic Management solutions.


Our VSPA ensures that any HGV can travel through roadworks that are being carried out.




Roadwork Patrol

Cycling Transport for London (TfL) have an ambitious target to increase the amount of cycling in London to 1.5 million cycle journeys per day by 2026. Strong progress has been made towards this target in recent years – cycling levels have more than doubled since 2001. TfL are working with London Boroughs and County Councils

Traffic Management London Update

October was a busy month here at Traffic Management London, with lots of CAD work and new contracts won. We completed the traffic modelling for part of the Tideway Tunnel project. We have completed numerous CTMP’s and CLP’s along with the ever growing demand for CAD TM plans. We would also like to thank our

Traffic Modelling for Thames Tideway

We have recently been commissioned by the Tideway Tunnel Project to provide a multi junction modelling capacity assessment. The purpose of the traffic modelling is to determine the impacts upon the local road network arising from the increased vehicle numbers associated with the construction site. We will be utilising our expertise in the traffic analysis software, Linsig