Roadwork Patrol

Our continued work with TfL is proving to be really educational. It is helping us to understand how to look at things differently and is giving us the advantage of offering our clients a higher level of service than ever before.

Now we are looking at disability and equality with new found knowledge and with a greater understanding. This means, when we are looking at the design stage of construction sites, our Traffic Management and site boundaries plans are greatly improved.

When looking at the TM Plans we are thinking about the impacts it can have and the disabilities it may cause, and at this stage designing out such problems. The same approach to hoardings to reduce/eliminate the risk of crime is something we are taking seriously. We are now looking to provide Security Audits for sites and producing a full report with suggestions and ways to make this safer.

If any construction company or anyone working on the roads need our assistance, and more importantly are interested in working in a more inclusive manner for all people impacted then please do contact us.