Code of Construction Practice (CoCP) & Construction Management Plans (CMP)

The Code of Construction Practice covers the full range of impacts that construction work has on the local environment and residents. It sets out what the local authority expects from developers and those involved in construction activities around their development area. The expectation is that all construction sites meet the requirements or best practice set out in the Code, reducing disruption for those who live, work, and visit the city.

Local boroughs are the heart of the capital, serving millions of residents, workers, and visitors every day. It is densely populated with premises and developments of all kinds including housing, businesses, historical and cultural sites – and as the city reopens following the Covid19 pandemic new developments and construction will continue to play a vital role in promoting the city as well as supporting the wider environmental ambitions including meeting the challenge of the Climate Emergency. The Code of Construction Practice applies to substantial refurbishment projects and developments where demolition and construction are unavoidable. Construction can cause significant disturbance to residents, businesses, and traffic, and how we manage and balance these pressures has an impact on the daily lives of people, the economy, and the environment. The Code of Construction Practice (CoCP) is intended to help developers, architects, engineers, and construction professionals to plan, cost and manage the environmental issues which frequently arise in the industry, and sets out standards and procedures for managing, minimising, and coordinating the impact of construction projects. The CoCP also informs residents and other affected parties about how the Council manages and minimises environmental impacts from demolition and construction activities. It also seeks to assure that best practice standards will be applied. It is expected that developments at least meet the requirements set out in the Code and furthermore aim to exceed them. The standards relate to every element of construction that has the potential to affect the environment, amenity and safety of residents, businesses, and the public in the vicinity of the proposed works.

Construction Management Plans to meet you planning conditions

Traffic Management London can provide you with Construction Management Plans to meet you planning conditions and fulfil the requirements for the Code of Construction Practice. We have extensive experience with all types and sizes of developments, from large hotels to basement extensions.

We can provide you with a draft report to support your planning application. Once planning is consented, we will then engage with your appointed works contractor, to provide a formal CMP report. All our reports are supported by technical traffic management plans, which can identify your access arrangements, vehicle swept paths, and site layouts.

What is a Construction Management Plan?

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