What is a Construction Phase Plan?

A Construction Phase Plan is a legal requirement of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. Each construction phase plan must:

1. Be relevant to the project.

2. Record the health and safety arrangements and site rules for the construction phase of the project.

3. And, be appropriate for the scale and complexity of the work to be undertaken, considering the risks involved.
The construction phase plan (CPP) records arrangements for managing significant health and safety risks associated with the construction of the project and is the basis for communicating those arrangements to those involved in the construction phase.

What do you mean by Construction Phase Plan?

The definition of ‘construction’ under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 is very broad. Essentially, if a job involves any form of preparation, construction, alteration, conversion, ‘fitting out’, commissioning, renovation, repair, upkeep, redecoration, maintenance, de-commissioning, demolition or dismantling of a structure is classed as construction work.

Do I need to write a Construction Phase Plan?

If you work in the construction industry, you will need to write a construction phase plan in either of the following circumstances:

1. If there is more than one contractor working on a project, one of you needs to become the designated Principal Contractor. That person or business will be responsible for drawing up the plan before the construction site is set up, and reviewing the plan for any inaccuracies, updating it when necessary.

2. For single contractor projects i.e., you are the only contractor involved with the project, you will be responsible for creating the construction phase plan as soon as possible prior to the set-up of the site.

If either of the above circumstances apply to your business, you will need to supply a construction phase plan as part of the Safe Contractor assessment process.

What can we provide?

Our friendly team of professional, highly qualified consultants with 20 years’ experience within the industry, have worked on every type of development, both large and small. We can provide you with a Construction Phase Plan suited to your requirements regardless of the size and scale of your construction works. We will work closely with you to identify all of the key elements required for your plan, and present you with a detailed report according to your works.


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