At Traffic Management London we can offer a bespoke service to provide a Traffic Impact Assessment Report for roads works and developments which are likely to cause an impact during their activities.

Through the use of modelling software programmes Linsig, and Transyt, our experienced traffic engineers can assess the impacts on the local road network and provide a detailed report which will indicate the expected performance impacts, and queue lengths.

Whether your works are using Portable Light Signals, or you are simply closing traffic lanes, we can assess these impacts, and help advise suitable mitigation measures.

Our reports will identify the existing base performance level of the road network, and then offer a comparison against the proposed works/changes to the network.

Our Traffic Impact Assessment report can help you gain local authority consent for your Construction Logistics Plans if you are occupying the public highway during your works.

We recently provided a report for Westminster City Council who raised concerns over the development of 64 Victoria Street, and the proposal by the developer to use Victoria Street as a loading bay. TfL also raised concerns over the potential impacts and access to the nearby bus stop. Our Traffic Impact Assessment Report recommended that an off peak only loading bay had minimal impacts upon the road performance, which was accepted and included within the Construction Logistics Plan.

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