Traffic Management Plans

We provide TM drawings to suit virtually any traffic management requirement, whether it be a simple lane closure, a three way traffic layout or a fully comprehensive traffic diversion operation. Our aim is to provide a solution that minimises disruption as far as possible for road users whilst taking into account the safety of pedestrians and site staff. By liaising with the relevant authorities, utility companies, and contractors, we are able to prepare Traffic Management Plans well in advance of any proposed projects, reducing the need for lengthy site meetings. Read more.

Construction Traffic Management Plans

Our friendly team of professional, highly qualified, Highways and Traffic Engineers, with 20 years experience within the industry, have worked on every type of development, both large and small. We can provide you with a CTMP and CLP that balances the needs of the development, whilst ensuring that your local neighborhood community is a part of the process. We strongly believe that there is a solution to every problem, we can help you with yours! Read more.

Physical Traffic Management

As well as planning traffic management schemes, we work closely with TGTM LTD to provide a complete Traffic Management Service from the very early stages of planning to cones on the road. TGTM LTD can provide any traffic management scheme from 2-way lights to road closures. TGTM LTD are a London based Traffic Management solutions company working throughout London and the South East. For 18 years TGTM LTD have been providing a premium service, from the very first stages of planning, to the implementation, maintenance and removal of the Traffic Management schemes. Read more.

Vehicle Swept Path Analysis

Getting a Vehicle Swept Path (VSP) is a really useful tool to prove if a vehicle can get in to any given space/site. By carrying out a VSP it can show how and if a vehicle can access a site and if any parking suspensions are required to do so. This can save time and money and would in many cases build part of a CLP for planning purposes. We can provide VSP's from a car to a mobile crane, we can even do them for over sized lorries for extra long loads and for lorries with rear steel capabilities. Read more.

Opportunity Crime Assessment

Traffic Management London are now able to undertake crime impact assessments of construction sites and supply guidance on approaches that can reduce opportunity crime.

Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 places an obligation on authorities and those working on its behalf to “Consider crime and disorder in all of its undertakings.” Read more.

Disability Access at Construction

When designing any construction site, it is important to be aware of the impact it will have to the surrounding area. Part of any project should include considerations for local resident and business needs this includes access requirements to maintain the individual's journey whether through the area or to gain access to local facilities.

Very often traffic management impacts people who are disabled, people who are older and parents with children. It is important we take full ownership of the impacts we may cause and to make every effort to reduce them.

Read more.