Planning Your Construction Project

If you are planning and to undertake a construction project, big or small in London then you will most likely need our help.

As part of the discharge of planning you will need to submit a Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) or a Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) and possibly a Construction Management Plan (CMP) these reports are very specific and if not completed correctly can delay the discharge of planning.

Here at Traffic Management London we have years of experience successfully undertaking and producing these reports. We will undertake the consultation with local residents and businesses and produce CAD drawings to show vehicle routes, loading areas and site set up to support the report. This approach along with our expertise is why we believe we have a 96% success rate for approval from local authority planning.

If your project is of a larger scale it might also be prudent to consider when planning your site other aspects. The impact of a site with scaffolding, hoarding and HGV’s coming and going can affect not just local residents and businesses but the public and road users as a whole.

We can help with the design of site set ups to consider the need to ensure no one is put at a disadvantage when passing by your site. Disability access at construction can often be overlooked when it comes to the finer details. We can work with you to make sure you have identified all aspects and will implement a design which cause the least disruption and allows the continued safe passage for all. This is not something you should consider doing it is something you must do as part of the Disability and Equality Act and planning this correctly could save time and money later.

Another thing to take particular consideration of is Opportunity Crime. This is something that is good practice and whilst not mandatory it does help with the Considerate Constructers Scheme and shows the commitment of your company to the safety of all. Opportunity Crime isn’t just about the safety of the site and protecting your own materials, tools, and plant but also of the public who may feel uncomfortable passing by hoarding or through gantry tunnels, especially at night.

We can carry out an assessment to see where there might be potential points where the opportunist criminal could take advantage. By making very simple and inexpensive changes we can show you how, and what to consider preventing such actions.

Please get in touch to discuss any of our services with our friendly professional team. A full list of our services can be found on our website www.trafficmanagement.london


We look forward to speaking with you and wish you all well.


Firstly we would like to wish everybody well and hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this incredibly strange time.

Since the lock down begun on the 23rd March we have followed all the government guidelines for working and social distancing. As such we have enabled our office based staff to work from home with just a skeleton staff still going to the office.

As the majority of the work we carryout is for “Essential Works” we have continued to supply an uninterrupted service to our clients, and will do so throughout this pandemic and the restrictions imposed. So please contact us for any TM Plans or Construction Traffic Management Plans.

We would also like to say a big thank you to all of the front line staff and in general to all of the NHS for their tireless work to support our nation in an unprecedented time where the strain on them is immense. Along with the NHS staff there are numerous key workers and to everyone still working to help bring us through this, we thank you too.

We must all stay strong, and remain positive at this time. Together we will see this through and we hope positives and new found values can be taken forward long after this all ends.

From all here at Traffic Management London we wish everyone well and look forward to see you soon.

ISO 9001 : 2015

In the interest of ensuring continued quality and performance we have upgraded our status with QMS.

We have been successfully audited and have received our new QMS certificate. It is important to us that we provide a service that gives continuity, quality and meets the demands of our clients. This means all of the CAD team produce Traffic Management Plans that meet the high standards we expect.

If you are an existing customer or a new customer, you have an added level of reassurance that you are dealing with a company that can truly offer the highest level of service.

If you need TM Plans or a full CTMP to discharge planning on a construction project we are here to help.

Give us a call now or email us with your enquiry, we are here to help.

Seasons greetings to all from the team here at Traffic Management London.

The Mall

We were recently contacted by a restoration company to help them with some traffic management and pedestrian management design. Following the enquiry from Richard Rogers Conservation Ltd we went to work to design the TM Plans for the refurbishment of the ornate brass Galleons along The Mall.

Having been given the project plan by the client we attended a site visit to discuss the job. From that we were able to supply the TM Plans which which, after a couple of tweaks were approved by Royal Parks who are in charge of this area.

We then attended a final site meeting with Royal Parks and the client prior to the set up. Given the high profile nature of this location and the heavy footfall it was important to understand our responsibilities.

We are now several weeks into this project and everything is going well, with both the client and Royal Parks happy with our work.

We can only hope that we have presented ourselves well enough for the local residents, making sure our vehicles and operatives are both clean and professional.

For all traffic management requirements in any location contact now for a competitive and friendly service.

Roadwork Patrol

Our continued work with TfL is proving to be really educational. It is helping us to understand how to look at things differently and is giving us the advantage of offering our clients a higher level of service than ever before.

Now we are looking at disability and equality with new found knowledge and with a greater understanding. This means, when we are looking at the design stage of construction sites, our Traffic Management and site boundaries plans are greatly improved.

When looking at the TM Plans we are thinking about the impacts it can have and the disabilities it may cause, and at this stage designing out such problems. The same approach to hoardings to reduce/eliminate the risk of crime is something we are taking seriously. We are now looking to provide Security Audits for sites and producing a full report with suggestions and ways to make this safer.

If any construction company or anyone working on the roads need our assistance, and more importantly are interested in working in a more inclusive manner for all people impacted then please do contact us.

Construction Traffic Management Plans

Traffic Management London.

Traffic Management London are experts in delivering Construction Traffic Management Plans for build projects throughout the capital. We undertake full CTMP, CLP and CMP’s to discharge planning for smaller domestic dwellings and large commercial projects. We undertake local consultation with both residents and businesses to help mitigate conflicts and form part of our reports.

We are currently working on several reports with various complications which we have found solutions to. Our expert team have a wealth of experience in planning, logistics, traffic management and construction, making us the ideal choice for your project.

Call us today to discuss your requirements, we are always happy to give our professional advice on all of our services.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Roadwork Patrol


Transport for London (TfL) have an ambitious target to increase the amount of cycling in London to 1.5 million cycle journeys per day by 2026. Strong progress has been made towards this target in recent years – cycling levels have more than doubled since 2001. TfL are working with London Boroughs and County Councils to deliver a range of initiatives to encourage and enable more cycling in London, including:

New Cycle Superhighways and Quietways.
Investment in local areas and town centres through the Mini-Hollands programme.
More improvements to Santander Cycles.
Thousands of new cycle parking spaces.
Support for behaviour change by offering free, tailored cycle skills training.


To encourage walking in the Capital, TfL are investing in London’s streets to make them more attractive places to walk.

Roadworks Patrol

It is important that all vulnerable road users are considered during the design and implementation process to maintain and encourage walking and cycling.

The roadworks patrol is collaboration between cycle groups, local communities, highway authorities and contractors which supplies an active experience to better understand the issues vulnerable road users are faced with on a daily basis.

We at Traffic Management London have been working with TfL and have been involved in some ride outs to learn how we as TM contractors can be more aware of how we look at, and design TM. We hope to ensure everyone can safely pass through temporary set ups. This can be achieved by looking differently at how we not just design but also set up our TM.
We will continue to work with TfL and other groups to increase our understanding and knowledge to help us implement these thoughts to our teams. It is our intension to pass what we learn on to our clients so as to spread the knowledge we gain throughout the industry and to hopefully make positive changes for all.

Traffic Management London Update

October was a busy month here at Traffic Management London, with lots of CAD work and new contracts won. We completed the traffic modelling for part of the Tideway Tunnel project. We have completed numerous CTMP’s and CLP’s along with the ever growing demand for CAD TM plans. We would also like to thank our partners at TGTM Ltd for all their hard work supplying TM to our customers. One particular contract for J. Murphy & Sons has been managed brilliantly with constant changes being dealt with efficiently and professionally.

We are looking forward to the Christmas break knowing that all the team will be in need of some down time.

Until then we will keep going and fingers crossed, we will become even busier. If you have a requirement for any type of traffic management or logistic planning don’t hesitate in contacting our team.

We look forward to hearing from you.