Event traffic planning for family fun days, street celebrations, funfair parades, fun runs and festivals

The ability to provide specialised event traffic management services to assist companies, organisations, and individuals in all facets of traffic management is an additional feature of Traffic Management Ltd.

We Create, Arrange, and Carry Out Event Traffic Management Services

We create, organise, and carry out a variety of event traffic control services. From a single, simple road closure to several, intricate road closures, tiny local closures, and diversions. With the approval of numerous local authorities for their specific traffic management needs, we possess the expertise and understanding to handle every facet.

Event Traffic Management Consultancy Services

We are able to assist your business by acting as a liaison between local councils and highway authorities. We can provide skilled consultants that has specialised knowledge to assist your personnel in completing important deliverables, ensuring that you stay compliant, secure, and productive.

Event Traffic Management Designs and Drawings

For submittal to the local highway authority, we will produce traffic management drawings that are site-specific and tailored to your operating requirements. Normally, applications requesting authorization to perform work on the roadways need this support. We can help you with this or take care of the entire process on your behalf.

We can meet all of your traffic management needs, regardless of the scope or intricacy of your event or operation. In order to obtain approval from the local government and emergency services, we can even show up to any meetings of the Safety Advisor Group that may be necessary.
We offer our services for family fun days, street celebrations, funfair parades, fun runs and festivals.