What is a Construction Traffic Management Plan/CTMP/ Construction Logistics Plan?


London is now in a time of high growth and development. The local planning and highways authorities are introducing new measures to manage all these developments, to ensure that everyone is carefully planning and managing our work to minimise and mitigate their potential impacts upon the network, and the environment.
To support your planning applications, you are now required to provide this new Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) and Construction Logistics Plan.

CTMP’s – What can we provide?

Our friendly team of professional, highly qualified, Highways and Traffic Engineers, with 20 years’ experience within the industry, have worked on every type of development, both large and small. We can provide you with a CTMP and CLP that balances the needs of the development, whilst ensuring that your local neighbourhood community is a part of the process. We strongly believe that there is a solution to every problem, we can help you with yours!
We are experts in our field. We understand the impacts that developments can have on the road network, and local environment. We are able to fully assess the potential impacts of any works, and we can recommend practical methods and solutions. We always believe in using the right tools for the right job, that is why we provide a high-quality service. Our core ethos is communication, it is especially important to the team. Through this communication with the client, the local highways authority, and the community we provide a level of service that exceeds expectations.

CTMP’s – How do we do it?

Once commissioned, we will undertake the following actions to provide you with your completed CTMP and CLP.

1 – Research

a) Road Network – We identify early on the possible conflict points regarding construction vehicles requiring access to your site. We look at the immediate area, as well as the wider more strategic network.
b) Planning Applications – We also research any previous planning applications in your location. It is important to understand how others have undertaken works, and what lessons can be learnt to ensure that your plan is fully developed.
We also look to see if there are any potential collaboration opportunities with other planned developments. This has many benefits including reduced costs, and reduced vehicle trips to site.
c) Stakeholder Engagement – We identify who needs to be a part of the engagement process in developing the CTMP, for example the local residents Association.
d) Client engagement – We liaise directly with you, and if known, your main works contractor to ensure that we know every aspect of your development. This will help us identify early on any potential obstacles which we can then help you find a resolution. We will also identify what information we require from you to enable us to complete the reports.

2 – Site Visit and Residents letter drop

This is where we offer a service that we feel is incredibly unique.
Having completed step one, we are able to draft a letter for the local residents, in which we identify what the development is.
The options available to manage the logistical operations for the works. We will deliver by hand to all residents in the street, and if required any adjoining streets.
Our company provide the residents with a contact detail and invite them to engage with us about any concerns that they may have.
This is a critical process, because when you have the acceptance of the local community, they are then unlikely to offer any objections later.

3 – Residents Engagement

Now that the site visit completed, we can now send out a draft copy of the CTMP to the local Residents Association to comment upon. Through ongoing communication, we develop the CTMP taking into consideration where possible, their views. We will also ensure that you are fully aware of all the residents’ concerns.

4 – The CTMP & CLP
We can now provide you with the completed CTMP & CLP and supporting technical drawings, including any required swept path analysis. The CTMP & CLP will be developed to ensure that we offer you the best solutions for managing construction traffic management and the removal of excavated materials during your works. Should you require any changes to the plan, we will make any amendments immediately.


If you have a Construction traffic management plan/CTMP requirement that you need help with, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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